April 21, 2011

When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

Hey student!

Yes, you.

As long as you're in this thing called "life," you are but a student in the class. A player. A cog in the big wheel. A rider on the rotating earth.

As you sit there, do you think you are smarter than the teacher? Are you closed to outside influence? Do you ignore the feedback? Have you stopped listening?

Or are you open to listening to feedback? Will you continue adjusting your direction based on the results you get or don't get? Are you ready to try new things? Are you ready to leave the status quo behind like chewing gum under the desk?

If you're looking for a passing grade in this class, you better be ready to participate. Raise your hand. Start doing the homework. Ask for extra credit. Sign up for the extra-curricular activities. 

Start building relationships. Start solving problems. Start having fun.

Start now.