April 5, 2011

Don't Let That Stop You

The Bad News

The enemy is trying to keep you from succeeding.

The enemy wants you to sit still and not try to advance. The enemy isn't threatened if you just stay where you are. The enemy isn't going to move out of your way.

You're going to have to defeat the enemy by facing it head on.

Taking chances now and then could be your most effective weapon.

Being creative is sometimes like firing a machine gun. Sure, more bullets (or ideas) will miss their target than will hit it but I can assure you that bullets left in the gun have no chance of defeating the enemy.

The Good News

The enemy can't defeat you. It can only serve as an obstacle or challenge. It is just trying to make it more difficult for you to advance.

The enemy is only there to force you to think. To plan. To decide. To take action.

I think you're ready.

The good thing about the "machine gun approach" is you don't really have to be that good at the aiming part.

Just start firing those bullets (a.k.a. ideas, dialogues, social media messages, etc.) and see how far you might be able to advance.