December 31, 2010

Yeah, It's Kind of Like That

Open highway as far as you can see

Freshly cut grass

Warm donuts at Krispy Kreme

Clean sheets on the bed

A new jar of peanut butter

Your dog bounding to the door when you get home after work

Waking up ready for your day before the alarm ever rings

Being the first one in the pool after rest period

Opening Day for your favorite team in baseball

The sound of "pfffffft" when you crack that first beer on a hot summer day

Unpacking a new book after it arrives from

Walking on the beach right after low tide

Standing in a long line at the grocery check out when a cashier shouts, "I can help you in lane six"

New car smell

A blank sheet of paper and a new box of Crayolas

Yeah, welcoming a brand new year is kind of like that.

May you have a great year building relationships, solving problems and having fun.

Happy New Year -