December 12, 2010

If You Really Want It

Monday Morning Match is a short post - maybe a quote, inspirational story or idea - intended to spark some motivation inside each of you so your week gets off to a fantastic start on Monday morning.

What's the Forecast?

Do you watch the local news to hear the weather forecast? Has your local meteorologist earned trust and credibility through his or her accuracy in predicting the upcoming weather?

Do you pay attention to the local or national economists when they try to describe what will be happening in the real estate market in the near future?

One thing seems certain, whether it's Dudley Doppler at the local NBC affiliate or Lawrence Yun with the National Association of Realtors, neither has to be right all the time to keep their jobs. It's almost like Major League Baseball players who just have to hit the ball 3 out of 10 times at bat throughout their careers to have a realistic chance at a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The USPS and You

Being a successful Realtor is much more like being a successful postal carrier. You must deliver in rain or shine, through snow or sleet or wind or heat waves. Your clients expect it from you and your families are counting on you.

Will you be able to deliver? Are you prepared to do what it takes to succeed? I know that "success" is out there to be achieved. In the words of reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, "you can get it if you really want it."

"Persecution you must bear
Win or lose you've got to get your share
Got your mind set on a dream
You can get it, though harder them seem now"

Will there be obstacles? Of course. Will you make mistakes? Hopefully, because that's how you learn. Will it be easy? Not likely, or else there would be a lot less people leaving the industry and a lot more jumping in.

Finding Buyers and Sellers in the current market might be harder than before but remember, they'll be harder for everyone to find. Those who don't get discouraged and keep looking every day will have better results than those who sit back and wait for the same Buyers and Sellers to find them.

"Rome was not built in a day
Opposition will come your way
But the hotter the battle you see
It's the sweeter the victory"

If it looks like rain, grab an umbrella.

If there's a snow storm coming, bundle up and get ready to shovel.

Warm weather and plenty of sunshine headed your way? Kick on the flip flops, apply the sunblock and turn up the reggae.

There's business out there. Trust me or trust Jimmy Cliff. You can get it if you really want it!

Enjoy the video below of Jimmy Cliff. May it keep you warm wherever you may be watching it. If you can't see the video, click on the title above or click here

I hope you enjoy a week of building relationships...solving problems...and having fun.