December 10, 2010

Deck the Halls...and Clean Off the Shelves

Maybe you're the kind of person who looks forward to this time of year because you love to pull all the holiday decorations out and start making your home (or office) look festive. - I prefer to sit back and admire the excitement and skill my wife and daughter have when it comes to holiday decorating

Perhaps you'll have the ladder up hanging lights on the roof of the house to make Clark Griswold proud. - Not my house as I am afraid of heights. Just once in the spring and once it the winter to pull the leaves out of the gutters and that's enough for me.

Is your Christmas tree going to be freshly cut down as part of a holiday family tradition? - We unbox ours and pop it up in minutes.

We're just a few weeks away from the big holiday that bring out so much excitement for millions, especially children. How will you be decorating?

It's also that perfect time of year to look at the shelves in your office and the piles of stuff on your desk. Much like those crazy neighbors who leave their lights up until Easter, are there some things sitting on your shelves right now from that kick off meeting in January? How about the three-ring binder from your last company retreat. You know the one back in 2007

Not many people like to de-clutter their workspace for fear that they will end up throwing something away that is important and that's just probably not the case. Unless it's a valid commission check or a photo of your wedding, it can probably be found on Google...even if you did throw something away prematurely

Start getting ready for the new year by cleaning out this year. For many, we'd like to throw away much of this past year's memories alone so why not start with the paperwork and clutter that sits in your work areas?

Try to use the old "touch it once" rule for everything you touch; Do something with it, delegate it to someone else (and put it in their workspace, not yours) or delete it. Don't do what most people do and just move the crap from one pile to a newer, neater pile on the other side of the office or on a different shelf. You've got a "junk drawer" at home. Why do you need one in your office too?

Just think, if you can make enough room, you just might have some space for a new Christmas tree in your office