December 3, 2010

Who Are These People Who Call Themselves "Bloggers"?

There are millions of different blogs out there. Blogs about politics, communities, local real estate, real estate companies, news and more. There's blogs about every topic under the sun. Heck, there's even blogs about bacon.

And obviously, you know about this blog - The Realtor's Toolbox - for real estate tools, tips and tricks to build a successful real estate business. Thanks for being a loyal reader and sharing the posts you like with others.

Reading blogs is one thing but it can kind of be like listening to the radio, especially your favorite local morning show. You get to know the voice at the other end but it's kind of hard to put a face with that voice. Have you ever been surprised to learn what a deejay or talk show host looks like in person?

I saw a great blog post today from the folks over at FlowTown. FlowTown "is a social media marketing platform that helps businesses transform email contacts into engaged customers." What they really are to me is a really cool blog that shares some incredible visual images and information.

Their post today was titled "The Evolution of The Blogger" and it really taught me more about the "blogging tree" as it were. Here's the visual they used. You might be able to left click (once) on the visual to see it in larger details or you can click here to see it on the FlowTown blog site.

Thanks for the great visual FlowTown. Pictures sure are worth a thousand words...and a fresh blog post.