May 4, 2011

It Could Be Worse, Right?

Before you complain about something today, catch yourself and think about this for a second.

Gas might seem really expensive right now...but you could be without a car and have to walk everywhere, right?

The rain and cold weather might be getting really old for many of you...but you could be living without a roof over your head.

You have almost 1,000 channels on TV and still can't find anything of value to watch. Remember the days when you had just three channels to choose from...and had to get up to change the channel?

You could have a manager, partner, or parent who expects great things from you, pushing you to do your best when it sometimes might be easier for them just to let you be comfortable being average. Average is safe but average never inspires.

You could have children who want to do different things from the things you did when you were a kid...or you could have kids that either don't care what you did or don't want to do anything.

Would you rather have clients that have really high expectations or clients who have really low motivation?

Don't get so discouraged. I'm sure you're life may not be what you would consider perfect...but it could be worse, right?

Control what you can control.

Build relationships, solve problems and have fun.