March 31, 2011

The Power Is In Your Hands

I think everyone who is a regular reader of The Realtor's Toolbox knows that I am a big proponent of hand written notes to help you "build relationships" in this buisness. Heck, I've written plenty of posts that suggest the idea.

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Some of you who are subscribers to this blog may have received a hand-written note from me at some point in time and many of you have been kind enough to send me a hand-written note for one reason or another.

Throughout my career, I have kept a number of those cards as they are so nice to be able to re-read and reminisce about the good times, experiences or success stories wirtten about within them. I even keep a file folder of old cards, pictures, emails and other thinsg that clients, customer, family members and friends have sent me over the years. If you've attended one of my Toolbox sessions in person, it's the #2 tool in the Toolbox - My "Good Vibrations" folder.

Have you created yours yet?

I saw this video below earlier today on Cheri Hottinger's blog Naple's Girl Blog (via Pat Guanciale's blog) and it really encapsulates the impact of a hand written note. Click here if you do not see the video

If you want to "build relationships, solve problems and have fun," start writing more hand written notes.

Start today.

The power is in your hands.