March 20, 2011

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Monday Morning Match is a short post - maybe a quote, inspirational story or idea - intended to spark some motivation inside each of you so your week gets off to a fantastic start on Monday morning.

Why do you do what you do?

As Stephen Covey says, do you "start with the end in mind?"

Why do you work so hard? Do you have a clear, specific target of what you're trying to selling, earn or accomplish?

Are your goals S-M-A-R-T?

S is for Specific - Do you know exactly what you want to happen (and what you don't want to happen?

M is for Measurable - Will you know when you accomplish it? Is there a visible "scoreboard" to show when you've "hit your mark"?

A is for Attainable - Who determines whether your goals are attainable? That's right... you! Not your peers, your family, your coach or your managers. Just you. Don't set any goals to impress anyone. Set things you believe are attainable and then do what is needed to achieve them.

R is for Reward - Why do you do what you do? It's been said that when you figure out the "why" the "how" becomes much easier. What is it that you're working for?

T is for Time Frame - When will your goal be accomplished? Remember, "a goal without a deadline is just a dream." What will you get done by the end of this week? This month? This year?

I'm on "Island Time"

This week I am enjoying a week on Sanibel Island. It's a small island just off the coast of Fort Myers in Southwest Florida. It's quiet, peaceful and has no traffic lights on the island. It's the perfect place to "revive the batteries" for a busy second quarter. I'm enjoying spending the week with my wife and children, sleeping in late and staying up later. It's nice to head out to dinner and order what you want, knowing you've worked hard all year and you deserve the best.

What is your "get away"? Where is your "escape"? How will you get away from "it all"?

When was the last time you ordered whatever you wanted off the menu because "gosh darn it, you have earned it"?

Remember, when you figure out the "why", the "how" becomes easy. My friend Bryan Dodge always says, "Those who ask the "how" always work for those who know the "why."

Where is your Sanibel? What needs to happen to help you "get away"? What do you plan to do to get some time away after all the hard work has been done? How good will it feel to "turn off" for a few days to rev up the batteries?

What are you waiting for? Surf's up! Get out there today and start building relationships, solving problems and having fun. The quicker you can do that, the quicker you'll be sinking your toes in the sand...