November 9, 2010

Live Long and Prosper?

I love looking for opportunities to make other people feel good. I love it when it happens to me as well, especially when it is completely out of the blue. I know how powerful a positive statement or show of support can be.

I subscribe to lots of e-newsletters and blogs and follow numerous people on Twitter and Facebook that are sharing good words of wisdom, neat ideas or things that might help me now or later. One of those weekly e-newsletters I look forward to receiving is Tuesday Tactics from a guy named Scott Levitt. Scott is the President of Oakley Sign & Graphics, Inc. and also the founder of, a free website to help you improve your marketing skills and generate more leads.

I don't know Scott, but from reading his newsletters for the last few months, we think alike when it comes to taking care of the customer and having fun while doing it.

Scott recently released a free e-Book called The Prosperity Habit. I would highly encourage the readers of The Realtor's Toolbox blog to download this short "manifesto of sorts" here. Print it out and read it at your next open house or after you put your kids to bed. I believe the writing is big enough it could even be read while on the treadmill. Just please don't read it in the car.

The "goal of “The Prosperity Habit” system is to get you in the habit of externalizing positive energy so that it benefits others (and in turn benefit you, too!). While it does rely on reminders, inspirational scripts, templates, and tactical advice, the end goal is to train you to do these things effortlessly."

The Prosperity Habit is broken down into 5 simple sections:

  • Be observant

  • Be honest

  • Be natural

  • Be mindful of your intentions

  • Be professional

  • What have you got to lose? Download this simple message today and start finding ways to develop your own "prosperity habit." I can assure you it just might help you find more ways to...

    Build relationships...solve problems...and have fun.