November 7, 2010

"Fall Back" into Action

Did you reset your clocks? Did you wake up a bit earlier than usual today because you couldn't adjust your internal time clock like you can your Timex or microwave? Are you excited for an earlier sunrise or maybe depressed about it getting dark earlier?

The time change is what it is. We all need to get over the change and adjust to the new time. The video below a humorous view on the topic from comedian Paul F. Tompkins...
Paul F. Tompkins - Daylight Saving Time
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So now that Daylight Savings is here, what will you do next?

Things still need to get done at work; Calls need to be made. Appointments need to be set and attended. Contracts will be written, negotiated and signed. Deals will be closed.

Things still need to get done at home; Physical exercise. Spending time with loved ones. Balancing the checkbook. Cleaning the gutters and raking the lawn.

Sure, your clock may have changed.

Your goals shouldn't have.

And now you've got an extra hour to work with. What are you waiting for?

get out there and start building relationships...solving problems...and having fun.