June 23, 2011

Adding to Your Story

You met your clients, signed the agreement and listed their home. Or maybe you met your clients, signed the paperwork and agreed to help them find their new home.

You achieved your goal and were able to assist and guide them all the way to a successful closing and everyone is happy.

Now what?

How can you continue to keep the releationship alive after the end of the story?

Well, for all those Harry Potter fans out there (count me and my son Ryan among those millions of Muggles), author JK Rowling is coming up with another way for them to "add to the story." Check out the video below. ( Click here if you can't see the video)

There's nothing like getting your "fans" involved with your product line, your brand or your personal business. The more you can keep them talking, the better chance you have of success.

So start thinking about it. What's going to be your magic spell to keep customers and clients wanting more?