February 10, 2011

Working the Numbers

I've been doing lots of work with numbers lately. My 6th grade daughter Riley has been studying hard for her math class and I've been helping her review for her quizzes and tests. Fractions, decimals, percentages and those dreaded "story problems."

It has me thinking about some of the numbers that might affect on your success.

Let's break down some of the numbers...

40 = The number of days behind us in 2011

325 = The numbers of days left in 2011

11% - The percentage of the year that is behind us

89% - The percentage of days left to make something happen

80/20 - Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto has been credited with observing that 80% of one's success comes from 20% of one's efforts. Are you focusing your time, effort, energy and money on the right 20%?

24 - The hours in a day. Stop wishing for more to suddenly appear because you "need" them. Instead, get better at managing and prioritizing your time.

20 - The average business days in a given month. What's your balance of "business development" activities each day compared to the "business support" activities that you're working on? How many people are you talking to on a daily basis to achieve your business goals? How many appointments did you have so far this week?

8 - Day a week? Sorry, not unless you're the Beatles. It's a great idea to take one day off each week to rest up and get revived so you can be your best.

7 - Second presentation. Are you comfortable with the most usable dialogue in real estate?

"Would you do me a favor?

"I'd like to give you a few of my business cards and if you meet someone who has any questions about real estate, would you ask them to give me a call?

"Thanks. I truly appreciate your time."

3 - Things to focus on each day - Building relationships, solving problems and having fun

2 - As in "2-Day" as in "today." What will you accomplish today to get you closer to your goal?

1 - The number of people responsible for your ultimate success for failure. That's Y-O-U!

Oh yeah...there's one more number.

110 - The percent effort you must be willing to give.

Are you?

Now take a minute to double check your answers before turning in your paper.