February 21, 2011

Will This Be for Pick Up or Delivery?

As usual, another one of Seth Godin's blog posts hit me square in the face. It seems that almost every time Seth writes something, he makes you stop and think. (and that's usually a good thing)

Sometimes he helps you dream. Sometimes he helps you question. Sometimes his posts spur you to take action. This is one of those times.

In his post titled
Date Certain, Seth talks about how businesses can establish some "good faith" by letting the customer know when they can expect the product the want or need.

What's Your Delivery Policy?

If there's is one simple mantra everyone in real estate should live by it should be "under promise and over deliver."

  • Are you setting the proper expectations with your Buyers at the intial Buyer Counseling Session?

  • Does your marketing presentation with Sellers establish an initial price position that will help create the proper "perception of value"? Will that price motivate a Buyer to make an acceptable offer?

  • Do you return calls, emails and texts promptly?

When Domino's started delivering pizza, they were different because they said "At your door in 30 minutes or it's free." They weren't afraid to take risks and stand out. It helped them build a pizza empire.

What can you come up with that will make people see you as more than a plain ol' cheese pizza? And can you get it to their "door" while it's still hot?

It's really a simple question.

If the client calls for service, do you deliver?