February 23, 2011

Check the Want Ads

If you're not doing what you want to do every day, check the want ads.

Seriously. Why continue to report for work each day just to cash a check?

I think I know it on most days...but I LOVE what I do.

I get the opportunity to build relationships every day. On most days I get to solve problems. I certainly create opportunities each day to have fun. If I do all three, that's a pretty damn good day.

Do you get excited to tell others what you do? Do you wake before your alarm clock buzzes because you are excited to "get to work"? Are you excited when someone asks you "what did you do today?"?

I had a great conversation tonight with a mentor of mine about what I have the opportunity to do each day. When you get a chance to say it out loud, it really makes you realize how cool it is to help other people "become better."

As you head in to your place of employment today, ask yourself this - "Am I going to do what I do best today?"

If not, maybe it's time to take a few weeks off or maybe it's time to check the want ads.