January 5, 2011

Need a Success Tip? Ask a Successful Person

It really shouldn't be too hard to learn something new or how to do something better in today's high tech, high touch world.

It's not like the "old days" when you had to go to the local library, dig through the card catalog to find a book that probably wasn't even on the shelf once you found the right stack using the "Dewey Decimal System."

Today you don't need to wait for the mailman to deliver Time Magazine or Sports Illustrated to find out what happened over night, overseas or over on the other side of town.

It's easier to find information or find people who have skills that can make you better. You're just a phone call, text or website away from getting what, or who, you need to help you become better.

Or a blog?

If you were going to learn how to build a bookshelf, wouldn't talking to a carpenter be a good place to start?

Want to be skinnier? Talk to a trainer...or at least talk to someone who is skinny.

If you want to be a better blogger or a better blog reader, you must read this post by John Jantsch. John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, award winning social media publisher and best selling author of the books Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine.

I have been reading Jantsch's blog at Ducttapemarketing.com for the last few years and always get something from it. While it's geared towards small business owners and their marketing efforts, ask yourself what a Realtor really is? Aren't we all just "small business owners who need to focus on our business and the marketing that can direct more repeat and referral business"?

If you aren't currently reading a new book this year (or need one for your 2011 "must read" list) I would highly recommend Jantsch's The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself. I'd be willing to bet you'll make back your investment in the book (and shipping and handling) by the end of the second chapter. I can comfortably say this was my most dog-eared book of 2010.

So if you're looking to build more relationships, solve more problems and have more fun in 2011, and I am guessing you are...Duct tape just might be the answer?