January 28, 2011

Be Sharp - Think CARP

If you're like me, I know that you're amazed we're already almost 1/12th of the way through the new year. It won't be long before we're decking the halls and wondering what 2012 will bring us.

If you had great plans to keep in better touch with your sphere of influence, clients and potential new customers this year but have been spending the first 28 days of the year "getting ready to get ready," it's time to get into action. Here's a simple plan of attack for you to increase your "keep in touch" efforts for the rest of 2011.

Who? Anyone who you have "built a relationship" with in the past. Anyone who might have a "problem to be solved." Real estate or non real-estate, it doesn't matter. You are the kind of person who can help them find a solution. Anyone who you have "had fun" with in the past or hope to in the future.

What? Keep it simple - think of the acronym CARP. Your message should be...

  • Consistent - Do you have or use a slogan? Mine was "Nobody Knows Homes Like a Carpenter" and people saw it on all of my printed materials and they hear it on my voice mails.

  • Anticipated - Will people be expecting something from you like they expect to see Sports Illustrated in their mailbox each Thursday? Do you have a planned delivery schedule for your newsletters or post card campaigns? Will people get your market update at the beginning of each quarter or whenever you get around to it?

  • Relevant - People today don't have time for nor appreciate getting "spam." Make sure your message provides them with some value.

  • Personal - Is this something they can tell you took time to create yourself? Is the message to the "masses" or is it directed at them personally? You have a much better chance of them reading and acting on your message if it speaks to them directly.

When? On a regular basis. There are some built in dates like birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions but you should be touching base with these people at least 16 times a year (4 in person or "voice to voice" and 12 times via soft touch.)

Where? It doesn't matter the medium of communication with your followers - hand written notes, email messages, Facebook, Twitter or texts. Just start communicating. Now.

Why? That needs to be answered by you but my guess is you have a business plan for 2011 and beyond that involves helping more buyers and sellers make good decisions. One way you can be their "Realtor of choice" is to make sure they think of you when they need a Realtor.

What are you waiting for?

Start building relationships, solving problems and having fun today!