February 28, 2010

What a Difference .1 Can Make

Isn't it amazing how at one moment you're heading one way and then a second later, everything changes?

This isn't always a bad thing; in fact, many times that small change can make a huge difference. Perhaps a crappy day is instantly improved when the phone rings or on the golf course a bad shot bounces off a tree and lands on the green within gimme distance? I had one of those "big moments" last week when I was driving from Columbus to Cincinnati.

At one moment, I was under 100,000 miles in my car

and then...

just like that I was over 100,000 miles!

We all have personal milestones in our lives - birthdays, anniversaries, weight targets, income levels, etc. - and they all mean different things to each of us. For some reason watching your cars odometer roll over that magical 100K point makes you think of all the places you've been and what it took to get to that moment.

What's your next big milestone you'll be designating a "pay attention moment"? Will you be ready for it? Relieved? Re-energized?

Whenever it may be coming, just be sure you are taking care of the things that got you there - oil changes, training classes, healthy eating or whatever are the critical components to keeping your system running smoothly.

Whatever milestone you may be approaching, buckle up and enjoy the ride!