February 27, 2010

Everybody Needs an "Edge" at Some Point In Your Life

I once saw a bumper sticker that said:

"If you're not living life on the edge...
you're taking up too much damn room!"

Not a bad statement if you believe that you can always stand to put yourself out where the "status quo" doesn't hang around, where mediocrity won't go and where the gentle blend of risk and vision meet.

I got to spend a view days this past week at The Edgecliff, one of the Cincinnati area's luxury high rise buildings, this past week and I must say...it was really cool.

I was in town to deliver some high energy workshops for our associates and managers from Coldwell Banker West Shell and in the process of looking for some venues for the workshops, an opportunity was offered by two of our hard working associates from the Milford office who happen to represent properties at The Edgecliff.

Kelly Morse and Ellie Alexander have been the on-site sales team for the Edgecliff for the last few years and are always thinking of ways to bring attention to their wonderful property. Kelly and Ellie, along with Janet Davis, Director of Development and Strategic Planning for CBWS offered the building's Social Room for the workshops and it also came with a pretty sweet bonus. Or should I say "Suite Bonus"?

I was a guest of The Edgecliff and got to spend two nights in their Guest Suite, a room that is used when potential buyers want to take a "test drive" of high rise living. It offered all the amenities of a quality hotel except instead of a front desk employee, The Edgecliff had a Doorman/Concierge (great job Ron and Leonard). Instead of a cold, snow filled parking lot, I had private access underground parking. Instead of a small exercise room with a treadmill and a StairMaster, I had access to a full service workout facility with twelve machines and more. Instead of a cooler of drinks and a walk to the local fast foot joint, I had the wonderful service offered by Harry and Gay's crew at The View Restaurant, the new tenant at The Edgecliff that offers some wonderful ambience, cocktails and American cuisine.

It is safe to say the Kevin Cogan and his team at Jefferson Development Group have done a masterful job of transforming a tall apratment building into a consumate luxury high-rise lifestyle destination in The Queen City.

From what I understand from many of the building residents and employees I talked to at The View, Harry and Gay Stephens have enjoyed much success with their other establishment, Bella Luna, and The View is quickly becoming another destination dining spot. Whether the patrons are travelling from their homes in Greater Cincinnati or just travelling down the elevators from the 26 floors inside the building, they're sure to find something on the menu they'll enjoy. (May I suggest the Lamb Meatloaf?)

Ellie and Kelly were very excited to give me and some of the other workshop attendees a tour of the building, including a visit to the top floor penthouse offering views of the Ohio River, downtown Cincinnati, Eden Park, Mt. Adams and most of Walnut Hills.

I want to send a big Realtor's Toolbox "Thank You" out to Kelly, Ellie, Janet, Joe King and all those who attended our sessions at The Edgecliff. Also thanks to Peggy - my View bartender extraordinaire, Dave from Grand Rapids (the newest tenant of The View) for hanging out and "talkin' golf," the guys from the on-site, full service salon and all the rest of the staff and residents of The Edgecliff for making me feel very welcome in "your home."

The Suburban Cowboy?

I must say, I really enjoy my yard and neighborhood lifestyle grillin' and chillin' on the patio while throwing the ball or kicking the soccer ball with my kids, but spending a few days at The Edgecliff certainly makes me a bit envious of George and Louise Jefferson with their "deluxe apartment in the sky"

Enjoy the video below and until next time...Keep building relationships, solving problems and having fun!