January 25, 2009

You've Got to Believe

Selling with Confidence

Achieving success in life can be hard. Achieving success in real estate is even harder. It certainly will be a little bit easier if you have people supporting you, who believe in you and will do whatever they can to help you attain the levels of success you aspire to reach.

Regardless of how many people you may have "on your team" or "in your corner," there is one person who MUST be supporting your efforts, 100% committed to the plan and doing everything he or she can do, day in and day out to work towards being the best. That person is Y-O-U!

We may look at customers and clients through rose-colored glasses sometimes, thinking that what ever we tell them, that they will listen to us. Now don't get me wrong, when you provide truly remarkable service to your clients they will tell others about their experience and the word of mouth and personal referrals will continue to keep you busy. Earning trust through a positive reputation and increased word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever find but you must understand that when customers or clients listen to you, they will be looking deeper than the meaning of your words. As they are deciding whether or not to believe you, they are trying to determine if you believe in yourself.

Try telling someone you're the "greatest Realtor" or "greatest (insert something here)" and chances are you won't be able to say it with a straight face. Now think back to the late 70's when Muhammed Ali bellowed "I am The Greatest." There wasn't many humans who ever doubted him, were there? He believed it so much, he made those around him (and even those silly enough to climb into the ring and fight him) believe it too.

Self confidence is difficult to teach and it usually can only be learned through experience. It's like the quote from Barry LePatner that stated "good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."

I don't think it is any surprise that the more experience a Realtor has, the more confidence and self-trust they have in themselves. Your scripts and dialogues don't sound canned, your comfort with contracts and paperwork is obvious and your demeanor and calmness during negotiations is worth it's weight in gold.

Getting Your "Belief Training" from a Train?

Go back before you were in real estate, before college or even high school. When you think back to your early childhood, do you remember a story that most parents have read to their children called The Little Engine That Could?

As simple as the story is, it is exactly what I am talking about in this post. When you believe in yourself, you can push yourself even farther than you ever imagined, you can do things that others couldn't, you can truly affect people's lives through your efforts.

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."

It's an easy-to-remember affirmation that can be used anytime you find yourself face-to-face with fear, adversity or challenge.

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."

To truly succeed in sales, the first sales pitch you must make is to yourself. Once you believe in yourself, why wouldn't your customers and clients?