October 13, 2011

The Magical 300

Figuring out the most difficult feat in sports is a great discussion. Depending on who you are talking with there are arguably some great candidates.

  • Bowling a 300 game 
  • Being dealt a royal flush in poker
  • Dunking a basketball
  • Hitting a pitch thrown by a professional pitcher
  • Running a sub 4 minute mile
  • Hitting a hole-in-one in golf
I've bowled many times and have even broke the 200 barrier several times but to get 12 strikes in a row seems very difficult...but it's been done. In fact, some bowlers have rolled three perfect games in a row for a hard to beat 900 series.

I don't play poker but imagine getting a suited 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace from the dealer? The odds are stacked against you but you don't really have any control over this feat. It's really a matter of luck.

Dunking a basketball? I'm a 6 foot tall, 44 year old. Clearly I won't be demonstrating any aerial skills and accomplishing this but this is done daily by many "average Joes" in gyms and on playgrounds across the globe.

Hitting a pitch is certainly difficult for major league players, let alone a regular person. Heck, if a major leaguer hits three out of ten times they get up to bat, there's a great chance they will be considered for the Hall of Fame at the end of their career. So is it hard to do consistently? Yes. Is it hard to do once? Probably not.

It took years for anyone to break the 4:00 barrier in the mile but once Britain's Roger Bannister accomplished the task and proved it could be done, others have followed.

Hitting a hole-in-one? While many golfers will never experience this awesome feeling, even a hacker can knock it in the hole with one swing. I've had two holes-in-one in my life and hope there will be a third someday soon.

What is your "Perfect Game"?

So what's the equivalent in real estate? If you and your fellow Realtors were sitting around having a few beers, what would you say is the most difficult feat?

  • Setting the right price on a new listing?
  • Finding a buyer who picks a house the first time out?
  • Delivering a "perfect presentation" that results in a signed listing with no objections to overcome?
  • A transaction that proceeds to closing with no delays?
  • An appraiser saying your listing is actually a bit under priced?
  • Receiving the HUD-1 statement two days prior to the closing?
I guess if you stay in this business long enough, you'll achieve all of these and many more feats which sometimes seem impossible. Look back at your career and think about your Rookie year. What tasks or actions did you once think were impossible but now you laugh and wonder why you didn't think it was possible?


This is the 300th post of The Realtor's Toolbox. There have been over 50,000 page views since Day 1 almost three years ago. I certainly didn't think this day would get here the day I wrote my first post but when you just keep "swinging" you're bound to make contact on a few. I am very proud of every post and certainly some have been more significant than others. Mainly I am appreciative that you continue to return and read my thoughts, ideas, suggestions and stories. Thanks for being such a loyal reader. 

Still waiting to deliver that perfect listing presentation? Keep practicing and contacting homeowners who might need to sell.

In search of that "perfect buyer"? You've got to start with a great Buyer Counseling Session.

Maybe you've thought about blogging but haven't started yet? Take it from me...you won't ever get to 300 posts until you get to 1.  

Get out there today and start building relationships, solving problems and having fun.

Don't let any feat seem too big for you to accomplish.