September 7, 2011

This Guy Really "Gets It"

With all the scandal and negativity swirling in college football and the NCAA, it’s always nice to hear a young man who is appreciative of where he is and respectful of how he got there.

If you haven’t seen this speech by Michigan State Senior QB Kirk Cousins from the Big Ten Media Day events earlier this season, do yourself a favor and watch this 7 ½ minute speech.
If you don't see the video below, click here

I have never claimed to be a Michigan State fan and probably will never be one, but I will root for this kid to succeed in whatever he chooses.

Something tells me he’ll be successful on the football field, in the classroom, in is future career and in his personal relationships.

I would be honored to have my daughter Riley marry a kid like this someday.

Good luck Kirk Cousins and your Michigan State Spartan teammates. May you all have a successful season and have many opportunities to build relationships, solve problems and have fun.