August 29, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I am a big believer in people setting a schedule and then following it. Plan ahead and then prepare for the next thing on that schedule each day, week and month. One of my favorite days each year is when my friend and former classmate at The University of Florida Pete Blank from Birmingham, Alabama, sends me the newest College Football Helmet Schedule. (Pete writes a great blog on leadership in case you're interested)

Now that the 2010 college football season is finally upon us, you need to get your College Football Helmet Schedule.

It resides on your computer's desktop (or wherever you might want to store it) and has all of the Division I college teams schedules, by team and by conference. Ever need to know who Akron plays? Click on the MAC tab and you'll know they battle Gardner Webb on September 11th. Unsure whether TCU is at home or on the road against Colorado State? Just visit the WAC tab and you'll know the Horned Frogs go to Ft. Collins for that game.

If you're like me and you need your college football fix at your fingertips, email me at and I'll send you the excel schedule so you can start following your 'home' teams immediately.

Enjoy the season! Good luck to your alma mater or favorite team.