June 3, 2010

Studying for Your Mid-Terms?

We're not quite to half-time in the 2010 year but it might be a great time for you to pull the car over to the shoulder and check your Triptik. Are you still on course for your original destination?

155 days are in the books for 2010. There are 210 left until the ball drops us into 2011.

Just think - if you had planned a family vacation back in January and you were scheduled to arrive there on December 31st, do you think you might be checking on your progress every now and then? C'mon, admit it... you like it when your pilot on a cross country flight comes over the intercom and provides you with a progress update and maybe tosses in a personal touch with the "look out your window on the right, we're flying over the largest cornfield in Nebraska right now" tour guide impersonation.

Were you one of the many Realtors last October or November who scribbled down some "business plan mumbo jumbo" and handed it in to your branch manager because he or she told you to do so? Have you written some goals that are tucked away neatly in some drawer, never to be seen again...that is until the day you're looking for that long lost Subway 2-for-1 foot long coupon?

155 days are already gone in 2010....

...There are 210 days left.

Feeling anxious yet?

If you're a sports fan I am sure you have seen many instances of your favorite team trailing their opponent heading into halftime and then, almost miraculously, finding their focus in the locker room and coming out a seemingly different team in the second half. Or maybe you've been in a movie theatre wondering why you paid $9 for a crappy movie only to have the second half change your mind and you give it "two thumbs up."

The national and local numbers for the year so far have been decent...not great, but there is business out there to be had. When was the last time you studied the local market stats from your MLS and/or Board of Realtors? Are you putting yourself in position to grab the business that is happening daily? Regardless of what the Negative Neds in your office are saying, there are people buying and selling homes every day. Can you honestly look back at the first 155 days and give yourself an 'A' when it comes to business development? How's your score for time management? Are you satisfied with your levels of customer service to clients and most importantly, past clients?

It's almost time for you mid-term exams. Better start studying if you aren't confident that you know the material that you'll be tested on. There's still plenty of time left in 2010 so don't toss in the towel yet.

Get out there and start doing what it takes to achieve your goals...

Building relationships...solving problems...and having fun!