June 25, 2010

From One Blog to Another

If you asked a waiter, bartender of maitre' D at one of your favorite restaurants for the name of a new place to eat or drink, would you trust their recommendation?

If you asked you local golf club professional for a good place to play when you traveled on vacation, would you consider their advice?

Would it seem odd to ask the clerk at your local clothing store about other places where you could find similar outfits or perhaps items by similar designers?

I genuinely appreciate my loyal readership here at The Realtor's Toolbox blog so please don't take what I am about to say to you as me saying I don't want you to return... because I do.

You need to be following the Keeping Current Matters blog!

Yes, that's right. I am saying it's okay to see other real estate blogs. I won't get jealous...unless you stop coming back to see us here...and you never write to me anymore...or you forget that my birthday is on October 12th...or I find KCM's lipstick on your collar!

The mission of the Keeping Current Matter's blog is:

"The mission of the Keeping Current Matters Community directly aligns with the symbol it adopted. The spiraling SHI represents the sweeping away of old patterns that, in the past, may have limited us in order to bring forth a new, more progressive energy that will thrive in its place.

The KCM Community’s mission is to bring this positive surge to today’s real estate market. So if you are ready to take part in our mission– this is the place for you. KCM not only leads with its great ideas, but we inspire action. Join our community, help promote our mission, and let’s turn this market around one house at a time."

The brains behind KCM is Steve Harney. According to his personal website, "Steve was a top performing residential Realtor before he steadily built his own 500 agent real estate firm. It was during that process that he established his method for raising average sales agents and managers to the level of top performers. Recognizing this industry-wide need, he set out to help Realtors achieve their true potential, and launched Steve Harney, Inc., his own brand of training and negotiation seminars.

Steve Harney authors the popular monthly Keeping Current Matters™ audio visual report for top agents and managers, and travels the country as an industry speaker and trainer in high demand."

I subscribe to the KCM blog and excitedly open each post when I receive it in my email, knowing that whether I agree or disagree with the post (and disagreement rarely happens) it will be something I can use in my daily teachings and discussions with Realtors, managers, leadership people and every day buyers and sellers.

Posts like this one or this one not only make you think as an agent, but also provide you with some excellent third party information that your clients need to hear. We've got to stop telling clients what they "want to hear" and if you're not string enough to do that, let the KCM blog posts be your voice.

Check out KCM and let me know what you think. I feel comfortable that there will be some "tool, tip or technique" that you'll find over there that that will help you "build more business." Just don't forget about The Toolbox. We'll still be sharing great ideas and inspiration to keep you hammering out more deals in 2010 and beyond.

What other blogs have you found out there that provide you with great infomation, positive inspiration and just make you excited to read them? I'd love to know what other great sources are out there.

Until next time...keep building relationships...solving problems...and having fun!