March 17, 2010

What Does Your "Out of Office" Message Say About You?

Isn't it great to get away from the office every now and then? I'm not talking about leaving on Friday afternoon only to return on Monday morning. I'm talking about getting away for enough time that you need to consider changing your voice mail and your email auto-reply.

Are you the kind of person who doesn't ever want people to think you leave the office so you never change your message?

Maybe you are so habitually focused on keeping your contacts up-to-date with you happenings that you update your voice mail every morning.

Or are you like me? When I get away for a few days of rest and relaxation I want my "out-of-office" email to reflect my light-hearted, vacation attitude. Much like my catchphrase slogan uttered at the end of my voice mail messages ("...and remember...Nobody Knows Homes Like a Carpenter!") usually gets my caller chuckling as they leave a message, I want my out of office email to leave a smile on someones face.

Below is my current message you'll receive if you email me.

Greetings! I will be out of the office beginning March 16th and returning on the 26th. I may have access to email but I will also have access to an ocean view, a beach chair and a cooler of adult beverages so please don't expect a quick reply.

If your email is of an urgent nature, please contact my assistant - Jaimie Shaffer

Until I return, please remember what Jimmy Buffett once said - "It's those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, nothing remains quite the same. With all of our running and all of our cunning, if we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane"

So what does your email "out of office" reply say about you? Are you all business all the time or can the people who interact with you see a little of your personality when they're not even with you?