March 12, 2010

Postin' About Poston

Today is s a bittersweet day for me. My long time Training Coordinator and assistant, Sarah Poston, has been promoted and has moved downstairs to her new desk and new role.

The "bitter" part comes because she did such a great job of keeping me on track, focused on my responsibilities and always had me excited to tackle my challenges each day. (Those of you who know me knows how fast my mind can run at times). It's "sweet" because I couldn't be more proud of Sarah and her accomplishments.

Sarah has been with the company for 9+ years, starting as a receptionist in our Bexley branch, then joining our Dublin-Muirfield branch in the same role. Her duties were expanded to tackle more responsibilities and then a little over three years ago, I was lucky enough to have Sarah join the Training Department.

She is one of the most mature people I know and is incredibly talented at making other people feel comfortable around her, certainly a useful skill when working with new real estate agents in a demanding career. As someone who appreciates quality customer service, I didn't have to look farther than outside my office door to see it being delivered every day by Sarah - in person, on the phone or even via email.

Sarah has been elevated to a new position here in the company. I think the position was created by our leadership team because they saw the talents we had sitting right in front of our eyes and we needed to harness the skill she has to offer. She's going to be the Director of e-Marketing, a role that will allow her to really display her technology talents in tandem with her truly remarkable service.

She's just moving downstairs so I know I can still pop in and visit her for a quick laugh or positive exchange but I'll miss having her within shouting distance. I also know that her replacement, Jaimie Shaffer will be a tremendous asset to the department and I look forward to her achieving some outstanding levels of success.

An old adage I heard once was this ~ "Would you rather train someone and have them leave or not train them and have them stay?"

Sarah - I am really proud of you and will expect great things from you in your new role for many years to come. I'm certainly sad to lose ya but I am thrilled that you'll be able to share your talents with more people. Remember where you learned all the stuff you get compliments on! Good luck and kick ass!