October 8, 2009

Community pride - Part II?

Earlier this year, I wrote about the importance of a Realtor selling the area in order to be seen as a local expert. Having a combination of character and competence, a knowledgeable Realtor will immediately earn the public's trust.

In the viral world of of today, using creativity, local knowledge, a video camera and some editing ability, we now have some "turf wars" starting over in Virginia to "sell the area." Check out these funny videos (embedded below) that are a direct response to the Arlington (VA): The Rap video.

First up is Richmond...

And an answer from the Fairfax, Virginia community

What can you take from these videos, besides a little humor? Ask yourself if you're thinking differently to attract attention in today's market. Are you being creative? Thinking beyond your title? Willing to put yourself out there in the spotlight?

Not every effort will will result in the "viral" spreading of your message like these two videos (70,000+ views for each) but you can get people talking by talking about your community.

Let me know what you have done to be the community resource for your clients and customers.

Until next time, keep building relationships...solving problems...and having fun.