February 15, 2009

I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations

We've spent some time over the last few posts discussing the importance of a positive attitude when it comes to real estate and life in general. Plenty of things can impact our attitude - people, places, events and even memories.

Author John Maxwell says "there are two kinds of people in life; those who lift us and those who lean on us." We need to consciously surround ourselves with "lifters" and be a "lifter" ourselves to those we know and love.

One of the ways I have found to improve my chances of maintaining a positive attitude is with a "Good Vibrations" folder. Maybe yours will be called a "Feelin' Groovy" file or a "Have a Nice Day" folder but whatever it is, it becomes a source of smiles, laughter and solid dosage of positivity.

So what goes in a "Good Vibrations" folder? It could be anything that brings you joy - a photo of your children or grandchildren, a thank-you note from a past client, a message from your manager or even a funny story or email you may have received.

You just need a basic manila folder or a shoebox where you can keep these items. Think of it as your office "refrigerator" and instead of hanging the kids artwork or grand kids photos on the fridge at home, you'll have them within arms reach of your desktop.

I also recommend creating a virtual "Good Vibes" folder on your computer for those positive emails, funny jokes and links to great websites. You'll be able to access these items anywhere you have your computer - Open houses, home inspections or those slow afternoons on phone duty.

I encourage you to start accumulating items for your "Good Vibrations" folder so you'll always have a dose of positivity within reach. In our next post, I'll share some of the things in my "Good Vibrations" folder so you'll have an idea of what to add to your own.