July 23, 2011

You Don't Know Jack...But You Should

Everyone has some people in their lives that hold a special place. It could be a distant family member or an old college buddy. Perhaps it's a former co-worker or a it could be a neighbor.

The thing about all of these people is that when you get together with them, regardless of how much time has passed between visits, you can pick up right where you left off. You always seem to be enamored with their stories, you heed their advice and you feel comfortable seeking their counsel.

Jack Gordon is one of those people for me. Jack is the Landscape Architect for Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana and worked closely with my father during his visits and voluntary service in the park. Jack and my father combined efforts with one goal in mind - improve the visitor experience in Glacier National Park for all who pass through it's gates.

After my father passed away in 2000, Jack and his wife Tracey have remained very close with my mother. They help her out while she spends her summers here and their three children - Kirk, Ian and Elyse - have all helped my mom out with errands and babysitting when her grandchildren would visit. They sort of serve as mom's surrogate family out here and I think both parties benefit from the relationship.

I got to spend some time with Jack and Tracy last night over a wonderful birthday dinner for my mother at Caper's in Kalispell. (A special tip of the hat to owner's Vonnie and Doug Day for a wonderful meal and experience). We caught up on the family, the park and life in general. The Gordons are what you call "good people."

Do you have a Jack Gordon in your life? 

My guess is you do. As you read this blog post, did someone come to mind? When was the last time you saw that person? Was it yesterday? Last week? Or has it been a while?

Why don't you take the initiative and reach out to him or her and schedule a time to get together. If they aren't local, perhaps you could arrange a phone call or visit via Skype. You're not looking for business from these people but you never know...it might lead to a referral or something that improves your service moving forward.

It's funny how time seems to pass by so don't let an opportunity to get together with this person slide by. My friend and fellow real estate trainer Chris Leader from Leader's Edge Training always says, "People come into your lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime." I agree with Chris so you should figure out which one of those it might be for your "Jack Gordon" and get re-connected.

I'm glad my father had a chance to meet a guy like Jack Gordon all those years ago. I know my brothers and my mother are as well.

And you know what? I'm pretty sure my father is too.

Until next time, build relationships, solve problems and have fun.