October 22, 2010

Running for Election? What's Your Platform?

"I Want to Be Your Realtor"

That's your daily campaign slogan, isn't it? Each and every day we're running for the office of "trusted advisor" to our Buyers and Sellers who entrust us to make the best decisions and policies to help them get what they want.

Do You Run a Clean Campaign?

I don't know about you but I am ready for the mid-term elections to get here and be done. The yard signs, billboard and negative "smear" commercials drive me crazy. Last night I was so bombarded with one commercial attack after the other that I posted this as my Facebook status update:

"Hey Politicians planning to run for office in the next major election - Here's an offer for you. Run a campaign where you only talk about YOUR strengths and YOUR platform. Maybe one ad a night, don't call me for surveys, don't knock on my door, don't ask me for money. Just be a more worthy candidate than you opponent and you'll probably get my vote. You might even create a wave of support that enjoys your fresh approach to campaigning. Imagine what might happen if you had an audience who supported you instead of purposefully worked against you."

"I'm Sean Carpenter and I approve this message"

I had numerous people "like" my comment and it created a long chain of comments in agreement with my sentiments.

Why would someone "elect" you as their Realtor?

  • Is your track record impressive with many satisfied constituents?
  • Do you reach out to a large audience spreading a positive message?
  • Do you do the things you say you will do?
  • Do you have the three C's that lead to Trust? Confidence, Competence and Consistency?
  • Can you tangibly demonstrate how your strengths will benefit a voter?
  • Do you effectively rally your party supporters (i.e. "past clients") to campaign for you?

I don't think you need to run out and print campaign buttons with catchy slogans or start kissing neighborhood babies at your next Open House. I just think you need to try hard to be the "Candidate of Choice" for the audience you are hoping to serve.

Good luck on Election Day!