July 5, 2010

You Can't Live in Your Stock Certificate

People who own their own houses grow to appreciate not just the house they reside in but also the "home" they create around it.

Yes, buying a house is a large investment - for many, the largest they will ever make in their lifetime - but it's more than a bunch of digits at the bottom of a bank statement or a glamorous stock certificate.

In a recent op-ed piece in the NY Times, columnist Winifred Gallagher wrote an excellent piece called The Other Real Estate Value. Gallagher states it brilliantly when she says "in the past and in many places still, “home” doesn’t mean just your house but also your village or community, where you’re known and understood."

I encourage you to click on the article and read it today. I am sure it will help remind you of the value of what real estate means to the people who own it, buy it and sell it and even more importantly, the valuable role we as Realtors play in the real estate experience.

Have a great week listing houses and selling homes!