May 21, 2010

Things To Do Today - Start with a Positive Affirmation

I am a big believer in positive affirmations. I believe that statements made in the present tense about a desired result or behavior will have a better chance of actually becoming reality more than a wish made on a penny before it gets tossed into a fountain.

I have never met anyone who uses affirmations on a regular basis that doesn't feel they work. The entire basis of the best selling book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the "Law of Attraction."

I like to say my affirmations internally each day while I am out for my morning run. It not only helps me get through my miles, I am not distracted by outside influences such as television, email pop ups on my computer screen or the vibration of a new message on my iPhone. What are my affirmations? Well, here are a few that I say that I feel like sharing. Some are of a more personal nature.

"I am a great facilitator"

"I teach with passion and enthusiasm, instilling confidence and excitement in my students"

"Running keeps me healthy and gives me energy"

"I always do my best because my best is all I can do"

"13.1 I will run" (I am training for a half marathon in October)

"The longer I run, the stronger I get"

"I will not be defeated by something I have chosen to do"

This just gives you an idea of how to structure an affirmation. You can certainly come up with one word statements, in the present tense about some things you want to be, earn, accomplish or achieve.

Some people say theirs in the shower each day or perhaps on their drive to work. Some people like to write their affirmations out each day. Some people like to speak their affirmations aloud into the mirror each morning. Check out this little girl named Jessica. Can you deliver your daily affirmations with the same energy and excitement that she does?

(Perhaps you shouldn't stand on the bathroom counter!)

However you may say your affirmations, say them with belief and excitement that the things you are saying will soon come into your life.

Until next time...keep building relationships...solving problems...and having fun