April 29, 2010

Inspiration From the Wall?

Relax...this isn't a blog about what Realtors and Pink Floyd have in common. "The Wall" that I am talking about are the walls of my office.

Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from each day?

Does it come from a specific person - maybe a child or a spouse, a co-worker or maybe your manager? Do you get a fresh start each day when your pet lovingly greets you in the morning? Do you hit the mental reset button after a great workout? Perhaps it's a spiritual passage or an astrological reading? Word of the Day calendar or Facebook News Feed?

I guess we can get our inspiration from lots of different sources but hopefully when you find things that really touch you in your heart, mind or soul, you are finding a way to make sure those messages are visible daily.

Here's just a few of the thoughts, ideas and inspirations hanging on my office walls.

How many of these have you done today?

I'm always striving to be great.
As Les Brown once said,
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars"

One pays the bills...the other doesn't

I'd rather see you prospect for business with a "non-perfect dialogue" than not prospect for business with a perfect dialogue.
I'm pretty sure the former will get you business and the latter never will.

The better choices you make, the better your chances will be to succeed.

Which of these is your strength? Which is your weakness? Remember...it's always best to focus on your areas of strength and manage around your areas of weakness.

When in doubt, see Rule #1

Under promise...over deliver
And finally...

Let me know what's on your wall that inspires you. Until next time...keep building relationships, solving problems and having fun.