June 28, 2009

Monday Morning Match - Making Excuses

"...Or Maybe You're Just Making Excuses"

Being of of the "best ever" certainly gives today's Monday Morning Match some credibility when it comes to motivation. Before you say to yourself, what can Michael Jordan do or say to inspire me - he's in a different world than you and I.

That's true - professional basketball isn't real estate. But he wasn't Michael Jordan - "Greatest Basketball Player Ever" before he was just Michael Jordan - "skinny kid from North Carolina."

Watch this video and then scroll down below for the rest of this message...

Don't look back to the boom market and say "maybe it will return to being like that."

Don't look at the top agents in your office, company or local market and say "maybe they'll retire soon."

Don't look at your data base of people you know and say "maybe they'll call me today.

Stop making excuses and get in the game...today!